Nonna’s Italian Cookie Box


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Features from-scratch, 1.5lbs of Altomonte’s handmade cookies including: Biscotti, Lemon Sweet Dough Square, Filled Long johns, Coconut Macaron, Apricot Tea Cookie, Cherry Almond, Rainbow, Fig Cookie, ‘S’ Cookie, Linzer Heart, Amaretti, Ricotta Cookie, Italian Wedding, Bocca di Nonna, Italian Wrapped Candy, Italian Sugar-Coated Almonds Approximately: 20 cookies, Weight 1.5lbs, Servings 6, Shipping Weight 3lbs, Shipping Box 10”x10”x7” Note: Altomonte’s Bakery bakes from scratch by-hand, we use no preservatives in our cookies and are meant to be eaten right away! You may store them in them in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for optimal enjoyment. We use nuts, gluten, coconut, flour, eggs, dairy, sesame, and other possible allergens in our bakery.
  • Coconut Macaroons- Soft, sweet, chewy consistency topped with dark chocolate ganache.
  • Pignoli- Traditional Italian almond paste macaroons topped with whole pine nuts, soft, chewy satisfying consistency.
  • Biscotti- Crispy twice baked Italian cookie with nuts baked in, perfect for dunking in coffee.
  • Lemon Sweet Dough Square- Aromatic citrus cookie dough sandwich cookie filled with lemon curd.
  • Long Johns- 100% Butter cookie filled with raspberry preserves.
  • Apricot Tea Cookie- Cream cheese dough filled with apricot preserves and drizzled with glaze.
  • Cherry Almond- Crumbly almond cookie topped with a single cherry.
  • Rainbow Cookie- Seven colorful layers of soft cake-like almond paste cookie, apricot preserves, raspberry preserves and drenched in dark chocolate ganache.
  • Italian Wedding- A melt in your mouth crumbly cookie baked with chopped walnuts and rolled in confectioners’ sugar.
  • “S” Cookie- Old school “S” shaped vanilla cookie topped with white sugar glaze and non-pariels.
  • Linzer Heart- All butter heart sandwich cookie filled with raspberry preserves and dusted with confectioner’s sugar.
  • Amaretti- Almond paste cookie rolled in granulated sugar before baking, soft & chewy.
  • Ricotta Cookie- Classic ricotta cheese in the dough soft cookie topped with glaze and non-pariels.
  • Bocca di Nonna- Crispy chocolate almond nut sandwich cookie filled with chocolate ganache.
  • Imported Hard Italian Candies- assorted varieties based on season.
  • Confetti- Italian Sugar-Coated Almonds
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