ABOUT The Legend of Altomonte's

The Origin of the Altomonte’s Name

Italian immigrants, Mike and Frances Grispino, opened their first butcher shop in 1971. Called Mike’s Meat Market, the shop also became known for offering Italian specialties, spices, and products that Mike and Frances imported because they couldn’t find them anywhere in America.

Later, they changed the name of the market to the source of their imports — the town where Mike and Frances grew up, Altomonte, Italy. Altomonte is located right in the heart of Calabria in southern Italy. Though even today it’s a small town (just over 4,000 people), to Mike and Frances it represents the flavor and aroma of true Old World Italian cooking.

Old World Meets New World

In creating Altomonte’s, Mike and Frances’ goal was to create a store where customers love to shop. And that goal has become as much a part of the family tradition as their family recipes.

Altomonte’s has grown into two large markets in Doylestown and Warminster, each with a bakery, a deli, a butcher, and a large selection of imported and local products, ready-made meals, a cafe, and much more. Our catering service has become famous for great value and amazing food. Not only perfect for a family or group event, we also cater weddings and business meetings.

Now close to 50 years later, still 100% family owned and operated Altomonte’s employs over 250 people.

Our (Continued) Promise To You

With a festive blend of Old World, traditional fare and New World amenities, there is so much to discover and enjoy in every trip you take down Altomonte’s packed aisles.

At Altomonte’s, we also pride ourselves in having a friendly, hard-working, and knowledgeable staff that is proud to work here. We always do our best to provide excellent customer service, fresh ideas, and delicious homemade products, using the very best ingredients and recipes tested in our own kitchens.

Providing all of this, at truly competitive prices (many products cost less than in a regular grocery store), in a clean shopping environment, we want to be more than just a place for show. We want to enrich the communities we live in.