Bakery & Pastry All of our desserts take the cake


Fall in Love with our Italian Desserts

We make many of our favorite bakery items year-around so you can always enjoy the sweet taste of Italy. Planning an event? Looking for an outstanding dessert for the family?

While famous for amazing Italian pastries, at Altomonte’s in-store Pastry Shop we make both Italian & American desserts. Why not treat your family? They’re all delizioso!

You are in for a Real Treat

Most other stores sell cakes that contain over 50 ingredients. These chemicals (bleached flour, high fructose corn syrup, propylene glycol, parabens, caramel color, BHT, polysorbate as preservatives, partially hydrogenated oil, and artificial colorings) may make a cake taste good and consistent, but do you really want to ingest any of those or serve to your family and children? Next time you are out in a supermarket compare for yourself!

Our Cake Ingredients: unbleached & unbromated non-GMO flour, eggs, sugar, natural flavor, baking powder

Our Buttercream Icing: butter, sugar, egg white, natural flavor

Our Whipped Cream Icing: cream, sugar, vanilla

Bread Baked Fresh Daily

We make bread just like grandma used to make (really!), because only the best will do from our family to yours.

Our delicious bread and rolls are baked fresh daily on the premises without preservatives. In fact, in our breads we use nothing but quality flour, water, yeast and salt. We also shape and form each loaf and roll by hand.

Zia Maria’s Recipes